Taste of Oblivion: Peeking Through The Curtain…

Since I started thinking about the darker aspects of creativity, it seems as though my mind has been in overdrive. So far, I have a few ideas for some of the initial content for the site (some drawings and photography), plus some written/audio pieces that will really push the limits and delve into some really disturbing stuff.

Here’s some of the details of the currently planned short stories… a little bit of a teaser if you will:

The Kindness of Strangers: A woman gets hired as an accountant at a major firm in the city. On her way out of the interview, she is stopped by a simple question by a stranger, and her very future is put up on the auction block. (NOTE: This one is potentially part of a much larger story, cracking open the door between the real world and an ancient evil).

Punching the Clock: A man attends a business conference with his beautiful new assistant. A successful deal, a few drinks, and an amorous encounter leads him to some hard questions, questions that his life may depend on.

Hunter and Prey: A hunter out in the deep woods tracks a magnificent beast. But who hunts the hunter? Sometimes, that which is hidden is better left undiscovered.

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