What is Darker Reality Studios?

Everyone and everything has a side of darkness, often hidden beneath the surface, the thoughts and purposes veiled under the trappings of the social responsibility and civic duty. Though many will deny it, all have a curiosity about the evils in the world, and desire to test one’s inbred and conditioned mores and sense of righteousness that society and our individual cultures instill in us from Day One. Most of us, luckily, fall on the side of propriety, of right and the righteous, adhering to the law and doing the right things, while wondering why and how someone could do something particularly dark and inhuman, why something senselessly horrific can happen to good people, and how tragic events could come to pass.

And ultimately, we wonder if there is something to the personification of darkness and evil, if there are actually things that go bump in the night, if we are nothing but insignificant bugs in a bigger reality, if there are forces that can corrupt absolutely and unmercifully, and if even we could be overwhelmed and perverted by the seeds of darkness inherent in us all.

Darker Reality Studios explores the possibilities and idea of these darker aspects, asking the question, “What if…?,” and pluming the depths of reality while poking the shadows with a big, pointy stick to see what hides there. The commonplace clashes and melds with the fantastical, the daemonic, the Ancient, and the Otherworldly, giving us a view, however brief, of the backstage of perception, giving us a glimpse of the machinations of the underpinnings of reality… and in the process showing us the brief, insignificant role we play in the True Reality of existence.

Darker Reality Studios is a trademark of Scott E. Pond and Artistic Conceptions.

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