DRS Content Rating System

We all love to read, listen to audio stories, and see great artwork and creative projects, but there are limits to what we will read and view and what we will let our children be exposed to. To help you determine what you or your children should read, listen to, or view here at Darker Reality Studios, we have a rating system to help you decide if a particular story or art gallery is for you and to give you an idea as to the type of content that makes up each story or creative piece.


Rating Scales

DRS-GA:    Stories rated GA, or General Audiences, are stories or material that contain no objectionable material and can be enjoyed by all viewers (Ages 5+)


DRS-YA:    Stories rated YA, or Young Audiences, are stories or material that contain some adult material which parents might find objectionable to the very young, such as mild violence or subtle sexual innuendo, or content that most parents would find objectionable for children under 12 (Ages 12+)


DRS-MA:    Stories rated for MA, or Mature Audiences, are stories or material that may contain adult material such as sex, violence, and crude language (Ages 17+)


DRS-EM:    Stories rate EM, or Explicitely Mature, are stories or material that depict detailed accounts of sex, sexual assault, violence, and other controversial subjects, and are not for all audiences due to the graphic nature of the content (Ages 20+)


Rating Criteria


Basic Nudity (BN):   The content contains a moderate to significant amount of moderate or full-frontal nudity, either be depicted in a sexual or non-sexual nature, including but not limited to topless women, rear nudity, or exposed genitalia

General Sexuality (GN):   The content contains sexual content that is seen in general such as kissing in a position out of the ordinary spot, caressing, or playful sexual innuendo

Explicit Sexuality/Nudity (ES/N):   The content contains detailed depictions of sexual intercourse, often seen as being of a pornographic nature, with explicit depictions of moderate or full-frontal nudity. Content of this nature may include detailed oral, anal, vaginal, masturbatory, or object-assisted sexual encounters, with little or nothing left to the imagination

Sexual Assault/Rape (SA/R):   The content contains graphic scenes of forced sexual intercourse, depicted in a realistic and often violent, but fictional nature. Any content that contains such content is not suitable for children under the age of 18, or anyone who objects and/or is uncomfortable with scenes containing rape or sexual assault

Sexual Dialog (SD):   The content contains dialogs of a moderate to explicite nature, from innuendo to full-blown detailed sexual discussions


Suggestion of Violence (SoV):   The content contains descriptions of scenes in which violence has occurred, resulting in an environment featuring descriptions of spilt blood and gore, or disheveled scenes

Mild Violence (MV):   The content contains a mild amount of violent content, either comedic or non-comedic in nature, that may or may not include some minor bloodshed

General Violence (GV):   The content contains a moderate to significant amount of violent content (such as a physical altercation or shooting), and may include mild to moderate amounts of bloodshed. (NOTE: This does not apply to depictions of gory material or dismemberment, both of which are considered Strong/Graphic Violence)

Strong/Explicit Violence (S/EV):   The content contain a high amount of graphic and explicit violence, blood, or gore, and is unsuitable for younger audiences or those who are squeamish about such content


Suggestive/Crude Langauge (S/CL):   This content contains descriptors or depictions suggesting crudity, situational innuendo of misconduct or law-breaking, or phrases/words that are meant to hurt, demean, or proclaim unwarranted anger, aggression, lust, or violence.

Mild Language (ML):   The content contain profanity, ranging from either mild profanity (such as “damn” “prick” or “ass”) to expletives, with or without a sexual meaning, with “shit” or “fuck” up to a maximum of 4 times for longer works (20,000+ words) or twice for shorter works (under 20,000 words)

Explicit Language (EL):   The content contain a large amount of detailed and explicit profanity, often with expletives, and either with or without a sexual meaning


Adult Content (AC):   The content contains suggestive depictions, dialogue, crude humor, or in extreme cases, drug references or depiction of drug and/or alcohol use that may not be suitable for children, not necessarily accounting for usage of mild profanity

Simple Supernatural (SS):   The content contains references to unexplained phenomenon, supernatural happenings (such as ghosts, restless undead, and magical powers), and psychic abilities

Extreme Supernatural (ES):   The content contains references and depictions to extreme instances of supernatural origins, such as daemonic activity, possession, dark forces, and other examples of magical or supernatural situations that may be offensive to some individuals

Drug/Alcohol Use (D/AU):   The content contains drug or alcohol references and use, either of a factual or fictional variety

Discrimination/Bigotry (D/B):   The content contains depictions of racial, sexual, or other types of discrimination, bigotry, and treatment of individuals and/or sub-groups in a manner that may be offensive to some individuals

Fear, Terror, and Horror (FTH):   The content contains depictions, descriptions, and scenes that are designed to scare or make the reader/listener/viewer cringe


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