Fall into the hidden cracks in your myopic reality…

The mundane and the commonplace is just a lie, a means of camoflage for the deeper and darker secrets of the universe. Darkness permeates everything, bleeding over into the waking world of light. Beneath the surface of this reality, evil and entropic decay awaits, spreading its influence like a disease, seeping into the very cracks of hope, joy, and life.

Though unseen by the majority, it awaits, corrupting, feeding on the unaware, breaking down order, eating away at the very foundation of the fabric of this reality and the next.

Poke in the corners, dust off the cobwebs, and peer into the shadows. Plumb the deeper, darker aspects of reality, open your eyes to what lurks just beneath your perception, just below the seen.

These are the dark recesses and the negative spaces of the mind. Enter the realm of Darker Reality Studios, the aphotic depths of creativity…

One Comment on “Fall into the hidden cracks in your myopic reality…”

  1. JP Says:

    I like it–I’m definitely in!


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