Who is Scott E. Pond?

Scott E. Pond is creatively unfettered, dabbling in writing, pencil drawing, graphic design, product design, digital photography, desktop publishing, sculpting, inks, paints, custom figure design, corporate branding, custom bookbinding, and even RPG design, but these just scratch the surface.

Over the years, he’s worked in and has experienced a variety of professions and roles: industrial janitor at an iron foundry, manual laborer, newspaper stacker, foundry technician and mold-press operator, landscaping artist, lover/fighter, naval nuclear-trained janitor, naval reactor operator, supervisor and manager of individuals and groups and projects, anal-retentive perfectionist, world traveller (US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Germany, and Australia, to drop some names), technical instructor and writer, curriculum developer, freelance graphic designer, and creative consultant, just to name a few.

Darker Reality Studios is Scott’s vehicle for exploring the darker, more insideous aspects of creativity.

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